In a moment of spontaneous madness I began chronicling my domestic adventures in September 2006. In time I decided to edit and compile earlier diary entries and story chapters into a book/books, as it has always been my ambition to be a published writer, ever since my junior school essay on why I liked 'He Man' was given a gold star despite being riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, such as having no full stops and commas throughout. My teacher claimed she needed an oxygen mask to read it, but despite suffering hypoxia had been pleasantly surprised by its content.


If you feel moved to contribute to maintaining the fabric of this building, and feeding the ego of its architect, then please consider buying a download of one of the books. :-)


Special thanks to Kieran and Marion et al for services rendered, advice offered and for convincing me that inserting more than one full stop in a paragraph isn't a sign of weakness.


Thanks to Rita T for cover designs  for Fun with, More Fun With and Achilles. I did the Gilliflowers one myself, so thanks to me. 

Thanks also to all of you who have written to me over the years, some of you on a regular basis. I appreciate every mail I get and do my best to reply. I wish I could reply to each one in detail, but I can't, otherwise I'd never get any housework done, and then there'd be trouble for YT.

I am often touched by some of the beautiful sentiments, memories and thoughts expressed in letters, some provoked by my writing. I deem it a privilege to have such things shared with me. I think any writer, no matter how humble, is pleased when they’re told they have made an emotional connection. It's perhaps a storyteller's job to touch chords with readers.




Gillibran B.


Visit the 'My Books' page for details of, funnily enough, 'my books.'

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