Hello and welcome to this boy's world of domestic adventures,
These pages detail the days of my life as houseboy and partner to Dick and Shane. They’re both older than I am and they treat me horribly, chain me, beat me, keep me short of food and water…NAH, I’m just kidding. We share an unusual relationship it’s true, and in that respect the material on the site is suitable only for adults
over the age of eighteen, as it often makes reference to sex and consensual corporal punishment within a ménage relationship. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but then everyone's tastes aren't always to mine, that's life. 


If the content of these pages offend thee then its tough cookie. I’m holding no hostages. If my scribblings don't float your boat, or you're under 18, then simply push the back button and leave. Otherwise you're welcome to step inside Houseboy Towers, but wipe your feet first as I've just polished the parquet. Come on in, don't be shy, in the words of the great Robbie Williams - let me entertain you.

NB. This diary is written by a houseboy who often comes into contact with nuts, so allergy sufferers beware.




Gillibran Brown


Soap Box Stuff:

What are 'Daddy/boy' relationships I hear you ask? There is no single or simple answer, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. First and foremost they are nothing whatsoever to do with incest of any description. They involve non related adults. Daddy and boy are terms of affection and respect. In gay culture the term Daddy simply denotes a person who has consensual authority in a relationship, much like the term Master or Sir in a BDSM relationship. Like all relationships involving aspects of power exchange, Daddy/boy relationships have many facets and take many forms. It isn’t a one size fits all kind of structure. As with all PE relationships it’s up to the individuals concerned to find interpretations that best suit personal needs and desires. Some D/b relationships have a strong sexual motivation, the people involved are lovers and partners, some don't involve sex at all, but are purely paternal and in place to offer motivation, guidance and, when necessary, discipline.

In the context of this boy's life, Dick and Shane are mentors, lovers, partners, protectors and friends. They nurture, guide, admonish and discipline as and when they see fit. Boy in the context of a D/b relationship refers to an adult male. If you don't get the D/b thing then nothing I say will ever make you get it, so forget it and go find adventures to read that you do get.


 Gillibran Brown








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