Book One

Fun With Dick and Shane

Memoirs of a Houseboy

The one that started it all.


Book Two

More Fun With Dick And Shane.

More diary mumblings along with more detailed stuff.



 Book Three

Achilles and the Houseboy

This rightly belongs with the 2007 memoir, but I decided to give it a book of its own. It's all about Dick and Shane's Civil Partnership, which was nothing to them, but a pretty big deal to me.


Book Four


Bonds of Affection

‘Think of me as a gay male version of Flora Thompson writing not so much about Larkrise to Candleford as Arsehole to Breakfast Time. The BBC will never commission it as a series, but there you go, it’s their loss.’


Book Five

Christmas at Leo's

Christmas at Leo’s does exactly what it says on the cover. It tells the tale of Christmas at Leo’s, 2008.
In essence it’s a bridge between ‘Gilliflowers, bonds of affection’ and  ‘Revelations.’ 

Ebook Editions -


Bits & Bobs

Coming 2024
Fingers Crossed eh!

Story list so far:
A Shit Bit
Kiss my Arse
A Purple Bit
Baby Daddy
Dr Seuss
Birthday Boy
I know! I fucking know! After centuries of promises it's finally here.


Scroll down for some shorter standalone stuff

May 2020
A fund chapter

October 2017
Snakes and Rattters
A tasty morsel sandwiched between a couple of other regurgitated light bites.

December 2016
The Winkle On The Bus
And Other Stuff

More Houseboy witterings to appease those STILL waiting for 'Revelations.'
Call this a way of getting back into the practice of writing or call it chronic procrastination. The 'winkle' in the title refers to an incident earlier this year, the other stuff is, well, other stuff.


August 2015

The Snail Affair

A humble stand alone chapter of memoir to tide over those houseboy fans eagerly awaiting the publication of my next full-length work 'Revelations.’ Whenever that might be! Patience, people, patience. The Snail Affair deals with a more recent incident in this boy's life, taking place, as it does, in July 2015. An old adversary drops in for a visit after Shane makes an announcement at breakfast one morning.


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