Saturday 10th December 2022

Dear Diary,

Yes it’s me and yes I know it’s been a while. Things have been tricky on the home front with several crises gone through. I haven’t been a happy houseboy. Maybe I’ll write about it one of these days, ha-ha. I’m still working on my book of bits and bobs never mind anything else.

Life in general is, it has to be said, pretty damn shite the world over. I can’t bear to listen to the news because it just drags me down.

Weather wise it’s bloody freezing here in Old Blighty, absolutely Baltic. Given the way we’re all being ripped off by the energy companies, there’s a certain terror involved in putting on heating. One hour of heat could rack up a year of debt for some poor folk. It’s a fucking disgrace. At least we can afford to run the heating, when Shane lets us. Dick and I have vowed to leave home and move in with Leo if he doesn’t ease up on his ‘jumpers before heating’ philosophy.

Christmas is coming and really that’s why I’ve popped my head above the parapet for a moment. I wanted to wish all of you, and your loved ones, the best of the season, and to thank you for your thoughts and all the emails sent to me throughout the year. Thank you also for buying my books, such as they are, it is appreciated.

Take care, Peeps. X


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