Sunday 29th August 2021

Dear Diary,

Long time no see. My last post was in the spring and now here we are heading into autumn. I think it’s fair to say that the world in general isn’t a happy place. In fact it’s one big shit show. Covid is still doing its vitriolic rounds and the people of Afghanistan have been thrown under the bus by the useless, self-promoting fucks masquerading as world leaders.

A lot has happened in the last three months. A friend committed an offence leading to him needing emergency dental treatment. The offence? Kissing his boyfriend goodnight before getting on a bus to head home after a nice night out. A bloke on the bus was so outraged at having to witness this ‘atrocity’ he felt obliged to protest via his fists.

Attacks on gays are increasing again. People the world over are looking for scapegoats to kick because life is getting harder and they’re too fucking stupid to lay the blame where it belongs, with the corrupt elite who manipulate economies to enrich the few. The rise of right wing nationalism has encouraged the toxic elements in Islam and Christianity to relaunch their crusades of hate against LGBT communities. Their voices are getting louder and no one seems to be telling them to shut the fuck up.

On the domestic front, Dick has had Covid. He thinks a client infected him. Given that we three are all double vaccinated it came as a shock. He got over it without severe illness thanks to having the vaccines. Neither Shane nor I got it, probably on account of being vaccinated or more likely on Shane imposing a regime akin too something in a high security prison. We all ended up in splendid isolation to lessen the chance of spreading the virus. Dick was confined to the master bedroom so he had access to the ensuite bathroom. I wasn’t allowed anywhere near him or Shane for that matter. The two-metre rule was king. Windows were flung wide so at times the quasi mansion felt more like the great outdoors than the great outdoors. Its been a cold miserable summer for the most part in our portion of Blighty so having the outdoors indoors wasn’t much fun. It being summer (allegedly) Shane (Mr ‘if you’re cold, put a jumper on.’) wouldn’t allow the heating on. By the end of the quarantine period I had mild hypothermia, got through more disinfectant than your average hospital, done enough lateral flow tests to qualify me as an expert and had almost forgotten what hugs felt like.

Knowing the virus was among us was unsettling to say the least. We’d all tried so hard to keep it at bay, but it had breached the barriers and ‘got’ us nonetheless. I kept thinking of all the lives lost to it and was terrified in case Dick took a turn for the worse and despite the vaccine succumbed, and the same for Shane and me too. It was scary. Part of me is still scared because this thing isn’t done with us yet.

Work on Revs got kind of side tracked when I developed an urge to do some family history research, probably triggered by working on Revs. I’m back on course now though and confident of publishing later this year.

So, that’s about it. I’ve checked in and shown my face so to speak. I wish you all well out there. Stay strong.

Ciao for now, Fluff Bunnies. X


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