Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Dear Diary,

Here we are in December, the arse end of a truly shite year. 2020 will be remembered as the year of deadly pandemic and poisonous politics. Trump is on the way out in America. Sadly, in the UK, there’s no sign of blustering Boris and his self-serving crew of incompetent cronies getting the boot. Twats!

Christmas isn’t going to be the same this year, but what does it matter? I’m still around, as are the ones I love most. There are countless people the globe over who are not so lucky. My heart goes out to them. Covid is not done with the world yet, so we must be careful.

I’ve made fair progress with Revelations and thought I might even have it ready for a Christmas release, but it ain’t gonna happen, peeps. It makes me wish I wasn’t such a mega gobshite to be honest. Once I get going it needs chloroform to shut me up. I am now confident that Revs will actually be completed and published. (Barring acts of God and viruses of course.)

I’m busy Christmassing the quasi-mansion at the moment. I think we need some shine and glitter in these dark times. Shane isn’t keen. He reckons it’s far too early. He’d prefer festive decorations to go up on Christmas Eve evening and come down on Boxing Day morning. Dick is kind of neutral about festive decoration, until the tree goes up and his arty side kicks in. I have to stand guard over it, or he’d be in there interfering with the arrangement of my baubles and titifying my tinsel. It drives me nuts.

We’re not sure how and where we’ll be spending the Big Day itself this year. We haven’t fathomed out Bungling Boris’s new Covid restrictions yet. We’ve just come out of lockdown into what feels like another lockdown, just with more shops open. Everyone seems to have a different take on what the new restriction tiers actually mean with regard to what can and can’t be done. It’s causing a lot of strife and confusion.

Well, that’s my brief chunter and update over with. I wish you all the best of the coming season. Celebrate, but with care. I’ll leave you with my Christmas card and the hope that 2021 brings better times for all of us.

Stay safe, Peeps. Xx

Feb 2021

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