Wednesday 14th September 2022

Dear Diary,

Since my last visit I have to report that life has been fucking horrible, just one shitty thing after another. Genny, Leo’s beloved cat, passed away. She was old, but not as old as some cats get to. Leo is devastated. I confess I am too. I rather loved her. Horace, Eileen’s cat, was injured and had to have part of a front paw amputated. We still don’t really know what happened to the poor boy, but speculate he either got trapped somewhere or was attacked by another cat or perhaps a fox. Thankfully, he’s on the mend now.

After two years and more of evasive action Covid finally got me, and it wasn’t nice. I felt pretty grim; in fact I’m still recovering.

Then Queen Elizabeth died. I was a fan of Her Madge. I cried when the news broke. It felt shocking, still does, even though logically it’s been on the cards for some time. Britain is a country under stress, and the death of the Queen makes everything seem even more unsettled. I’ve been barred from trawling through the coverage online, as I get so angry with some of the vile things being levelled at her, her family and the Monarchy in general by those opposed to the crown. FFS, show some class and dignity, show some basic humanity, and let a family lay their mother to rest before spitting your spiteful bile in their faces. Differing opinions must be recognised and heard, but there’s a time and place.

King Charles hasn't had chance to wear the crown yet, but already the anti monarchist press are out to destroy him. Back off and give the man a chance. Most of those opposed to the monarchy are rich twats who simply want more personal power and wealth. They tap into the jealous resentment of people who need a scapegoat to blame for personal ills.

Anyway, better go before I start ranting in full. I’m tired now. I just wanted to write a few words, and to say thank you for the handful of emails from kind souls who remembered I was a fan of Her Madge.

I’ll watch our Queen’s funeral on Monday, by way of paying respects to a woman who served her country with the utmost dedication and loyalty for 70 years. RIP Your Majesty.

The times they are a changing, but not, I suspect, for the better.

Bye all.


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