Friday 7th May 2021


Local elections? Don’t even get me started! Seriously, just don’t. I’m already slightly frayed around the edges. If I start trying to fathom why people vote for evil Tory fascist twats I will unravel altogether. I’ll be banned from watching Andrew Marr this Sunday when they start picking over the results. Shane turfs me out of the room the minute I open my gob to start ranting.

I just popped in to say hello and let you know I’m still alive. I’ve had both my covid jabs now, on account of having a bath fizzer for a brain. Given some of the recent negative press I did feel slightly nervous and was on high alert for blood clots and turning into a zombie after my second one. I did get headaches, nausea and general chills and aches, but no clots or zombie urges. To be honest I was slightly disappointed not to turn into a zombie, as it would have been the perfect excuse for embarking on a Tory voter head-ripping spree.

May so far has been cold, as was April. In general, I feel a bit jaded. Life just isn’t the same as it was pre-covid, and I wonder if it ever will be. Dick and I have been snippy with each other lately. It’s blossom season, and he always gets a bit testy about the petals falling on his precious motor when it's parked on the drive. I try to be patient, but it gets on my wick. To be fair, part of his crabbiness is due to hankering after a proper holiday, but it won’t be this year. I’d like one too, and Shane, but it just isn’t the right time. I’m also keen to make a start on the gardens, but the weather hasn’t been conducive.

After a surge of creative juice, I’m actually close to completing Revs, or would be if I hadn’t hit an impasse a couple of days ago. The words just stopped flowing again. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. I’m back to staring at my computer and struggling to string a sentence together. I’m not sure it’s my best work, so maybe it’s a confidence thing. There’s a lot I wanted to include, but if I write each and every happening then the book will never be finished. Anyway, that’s how things stand at the moment. Watch this space.

Keep yourselves safe, peeps. Things are easing a bit, but now is not the time for ditching the masks and hand hygiene or rushing out to party.

Ta-ra for now.


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