Tuesday 14th February 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’ve all done well for cards, chocs and floral tributes. As per usual, my two came up with fuck all. It's stubborn determination not to give in to commercial pressure. It doesn’t bother me so much these days. It is what it is. They just don’t do ‘Valentine’ love. I do though. I make sure I send myself flowers and chocolates courtesy of the household account, and I totally refuse to share the latter. No card, no candy, that’s my motto. Eileen, bless her, gives me chocolates too. She knows my two are immune to Valentine’s Day. She’d have to be deaf not to, I moan about it every year. I have also received email Valentine greetings, for which many thanks.

As I type I’m enjoying stuffing my face with VD booty. I sent myself a big box of chocolate nuts this year. I must say whoever came up with the notion of smothering nuts in chocolate is a genius in my book. I think they should have a special day named after them for services to gluttony. Yum. My faves are the Brazil nuts. Shane likes them too, but he isn’t getting any. My nuts are off limits to both of them. I’d like to say it upsets them, but to be honest they’re more amused than anything else. Sods.

Shane, it must be said, has been a tad snippy over the weekend. His sister phoned to tell him she’s going into hospital this week for some mystery procedure she refuses to disclose, so he’s worried. With a bit of luck she’s having a bitchectomy at long last, not that I said so to Shane. I’m sure she’ll be fine; she just loves creating a drama.

Best moment of the week so far happened at the bus stop yesterday. An elderly lady, complete with rollator, was talking politics with two other ladies and shocked them by referring to our PM, Rishi Sunak, as a squint eyed little shit. My jaw nearly hit the deck. She was primly reprimanded by one of her companions who said there was no need for that. Unabashed, she said she didn’t care, she didn’t like him or his Tory chums because they made Thatcher look like a Socialist and she’d hated Thatcher too. She then voiced her intention to march up and down the street playing The Internationale and waving a red flag when the vile Tory pigs were flung out at the next election. It was all I could do not to burst into laughter while applauding her. She noticed my mirth and gave me a wicked little wink. I gave her a thumbs up and said: ‘I’m with you, sister.’ It was hilarious. She reminded me so much of my old lit lady friend, Dot, who I still miss to this day.

I was glad to see the back of January. It’s a hard month I think. It takes most of it to come down from the ‘turmoil’ of December. I feel I can now look forward to spring and summer. I feel guilty saying things like that, when there’s so much pain and suffering going on in the world. The war in Ukraine shows no sign of ending and now the horror of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The sheer magnitude of it is hard to get your head around. Prayers and hopes seem inadequate and meaningless, but you offer them anyway.

Take care, Peeps, and remember, love isn’t only for one day and it doesn’t come in cards or boxes of chocolates, no matter how nice they are. ;-)


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