Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Bless me, Diary, for I have sinned. It’s been over two months since my last confession/entry.

Life has been difficult with one thing and another, my foray into allotment holding being one of the things, along with a stay in hospital. Anyway, more of that another time. I just wanted to touch base today and open a page for July, before lack of activity leads to rumours I’m dead, and a crowdfunding page for my funeral is set up by international fraudsters cashing in on my popularity to extort money from fans. To be fair, they wouldn’t make much. If all fans contributed a fiver each then they’d make about fifteen quid, not enough to buy a bunch of flowers let alone a coffin and headstone.

Here in my portion of Blighty, the weather continues to be locked in winter mode, barring a few days when the sun finally broke through the barricade and kicked winter’s arse before being driven back again. People, it’s cold here, and cloudy, and damp, and miserable and depressing. I want some fucking summer!

To compound the awfulness of the weather, we have a General Election looming. Voting takes place this Thursday. I don’t know if I’ll vote this time. I despise the entire political class in this country at the moment. They can all fuck off as far as I’m concerned.  I could rant about it, about loads of stuff actually, but what’s the point? So, yeah, not voting won’t rest easy with me, but voting for people I have no faith in also doesn’t rest easy. We’ll see, perhaps I’ll have a last minute flash of political conscience and use my vote. It’s a shame that Count Binface isn’t standing in my area.

That’s enough for me today. Before I go again, let me just say thank you to those kind folks who sent birthday greetings. See ya!


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