Monday 1st September 2014

Sorry, Peeps, but the planned book release is going to be delayed due to circumstances beyond my control. Actually, that isn’t true. It’s been delayed due to circumstances I could control if I pulled my finger out. (Hangs head in shame.) I just haven’t put the hours in that I planned to put in to polish up my mankyscript. I got sidetracked by other stuff. It won’t be too long though, defo this month. I know my book of scribbling is hardly the hotly anticipated literary event of the decade, but I also know I have at least a couple of fans who are eager to read about Xmas at Leo’s, so to you all (three of you) my grovelling apologies once again. Watch this space.

Monday 15th September 2014

Dear Peeps,

The Houseboy, moi, suffered a bit of a nasty misfortune on Friday 5th September. As a result, work on my little book of scribblings may be delayed a little further as I take time to rest and recover (under threat of castration without benefit of anaesthetic from the Household Deities.) I’ll use this brief visit as an oppo to acknowledge and say a sincere ta and thank you very much for all recent communications to me.

Gillibran Brown


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