Sunday 5th October 2014


Popping in with a quick update (and about time too I hear you cry.) First, a great big ta, thank you, grazie, merci, etc, etc, to those of you who sent well wishes, ecards and even composed music during my absence. You’re astonishingly kind. I feel a bit guilty for neglecting my realm and for the continued delay of ‘Christmas at Leo’s.’ It’s just one of those things.

September was a mega shite month, he said delicately. In short, I had a freaky run in with a hawthorn bush in the quasi mansion’s garden and came off worst. Hawthorn (Latin name - twatus bastardus) is a tricky customer at the best of times and this one proved to be something of an assassin. An apposite song for the occurrence might be ‘I fought the law and the law won,’ or in this case, I fought the haw and the haw won. A thorn pierced my left eye and I needed an op to remove the tip of it from my eyeball. It was nasty, nasty, nasty and very painful. I was very nearly a blinded houseboy. Details another time.  My eye is still a little sore and apt to water and sting if I try to read or compute too much. Patience, houseboy fan, I will return to entertain you.

Ciao for now. 

Sunday 19th October 2014

Greetings, Houseboy Watcher(s),

Leo is visiting today and he’s getting right on my nads, so I thought I’d skive off and make a quick visit here before the urge to skewer him with a meat fork overwhelms me. He fucking winds me up on purpose sometimes. I swear I’m going to poison his coffee later.

Thanks once again for all the kind and lovely emails received of late. It amazes me how many people manage to track me down one way and another, given that I haven’t included an email address on-site for a very long time.

I’ve been asked for updates about the release of ‘Christmas at Leo’s.’ All I can tell you is that it is in progress. I *am* working on it. To be honest, I have a feeling that as far as the book goes I’m lingering at Leo’s so to speak, instead of getting on and dealing with the events of what turned out to be two difficult years. I’ll get there in the end. Be patient, peeps.

A quick visit, as I said. Sorry, I know some of you miss my yarns and yatter, but I must return to my duties. Now, where did I stash that tin of undetectable poison?



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