Sunday 10th September 2017

Dear Diary,

I can hardly believe it’s autumn already. Here we are in September and the nights are drawing in. Summer has gone to all intents and purposes, not that it ever really arrived in my portion of Old Blighty. It was a bit of a washout in more ways than one.

When I think back over this year, a lot has gone on, but not much has gone down on your pages with regard to it. I would say I’ll eventually get around to recording my modest 2017 adventures, but I think it might be setting you up for disappointment. My track record is pretty poor these days with regard to writing.

July and August were hellish months and I’m glad to see the back of them. Alpha Daddy and I had one of our spats and he came down on me hard. Oh boy! It was bloody hell at times. There were days when I felt I hated him, but it was a faux hatred born of frustration and self-pity. Free will is a precious commodity and when it’s taken away it can be difficult to deal with. Don’t feel sorry for me or angry with him. I was a bad boy and I paid the penalty according to the terms of our relationship. Tears and tantrums have been in plentiful supply. It’s done now. The slate is clean and we are back on equal terms, or as equal as it gets in our kind of set up. They are and will always be the boss of me and I like it, barring those days when I don’t.

During my downtime I did manage to do some writing. Using a handcuff key as a pen and my own blood as ink I managed to scrawl words on my dark cell wall while the Daddies were out of the house. (Lie Detector says NO. GILLI. NO!) Okay, okay, keep your hair on, that was a lie. I actually did a bit of scribbling on a pad of A4 with a pencil during my allowed leisure time. It was quite nice to scribe the old fashioned way instead of via a computer. Given my long absence, dear diary, I feel I do owe your pages a little attention. With that in mind I will shortly transcribe my paper scribbles to the screen. They involve the April Fools joke I pulled earlier in the year, and which I did promise to tell more of. It’s a small tale, but I hope it will entertain. Be on the look out, Peeps. I shall post it as soon as I’ve deciphered my crap handwriting.

Ciao for now and be safe wherever you are, especially if you’re in storm areas. Xx



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