Saturday 3rd October 2015

Ah, October, season of cysts and yellow fruitiness, or something along those lines. Anyway, it’s autumn good and proper. Where has this year gone, Peeps, where has it gone? We’re all older and wiser, or just older in my case. Revs, I hear you ask, Revs, Revs, Revs, as in book and not in engine?  I cannot tell a lie. It is started, but nowhere near finished, but I will plug ahead. Maybe I’ll get more done as the nights close in and the weather worsens, thus lessening the temptation to be outside. The weather has been gorgeous in my portion of old Blighty this week. Cold misty mornings have given way to beautiful warm sunshiny afternoons. I’ve been making the most of it in the garden. It all looks tickety-boo.

As ever, ta ever so much for your lovely emails, and for sharing your thoughts and doings, and even a great recipe for biscuit balls, which I will put on the recipe page soon.

One email presented me with a musical conundrum in the form of some lyrics and a request as to whether I knew the song, which is from the Netflix version of the US version of QAF. As is well known, I am something of a music fan and expert (he said modestly and without even blushing) but on this occasion I’m afraid my knowledge was found wanting. I had no clue, and so I did a spot of Googling, as one does. The only thing I discovered was that Netflix has apparently pissed of legions of QAF fans by: a) changing the original TV soundtrack (copyright probs) and: b) not crediting all the songs and artists they’ve used in their stead. Shame on you Netflix, shame on you! How very dare you use a song and not credit the writer and singer of it! Even if only a snatch is heard it should be credited. In my opinion, frustrated QAF fans should bombard the Netty people with demands for a comprehensive list of all artists and songs used to accompany the series. I mean look at me. I always credit the artists of the songs I mention in my series. I reckon I might have helped swell their royalty coffers by at least a penny, as a result of my loyal fan rushing to buy the tracks concerned.

The cactus incident I mentioned has apparently aroused some curiosity, which demands satisfaction. I will get around to the details sometime, but not now. Saturday might be a day off for some, but for us houseboys it’s pretty much work as usual. I have stuff to do, coffee to brew and Daddies to please. Ciao for now.



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