Wednesday 11th November 2015

Adventures in cooking:

Persimmons? Meh! Nothing but hard faced apricots.

Carrots sautéed in orange juice and turmeric? Dick called them interesting. Leo called them quite the nastiest combo he’d ever had and Shane told me never to serve them again. Pity. I quite liked them.

Thai fish soup? The verdict was unanimous. Disgusting. FFS who can cook with an ingredient that smells like decomposing corpse fluid? I think I added too much. Much like Dick, I just can’t resist that extra squirt.

Eggy bread? Nicer when it isn’t burned and you can eat it without the smoke alarm splitting your eardrums.

Food and cooking eh? A never-ending learning curve.

Moving on.

Hey there, Peeps. I opened my mail box for the first time in what felt like forever this morning and found a mini avalanche of emails doing a Juliet and asking wherefore art thou? As you can see, I art here. In respect of said mails I thought I’d better skateboard in and leave some meaningless graffiti on my page. So here it is. Why so long between entries (something Dick says if he hasn’t had sex for at least ten minutes.) Well, October turned out to be one of those ‘life’ months. It happens to all of us. Enough said.

Mucho grassy arse for all your emails, thoughts and suggestions. You’re all quite mad, but I like you. Short visit I’m afraid. I’ve got a doc appointment lined up and need to catch a bus. I just hope my net is big enough. Ta-ta for now.

Friday 13th November 2015

Good day, houseboy fans, and hands up those of you who would like me to elaborate on the cactus incident I mentioned yonks ago. Should I spill the cactus juice or just let it lie? As usual time has flown by and what once seemed relevant now seems neither here nor there. Let’s get democratic and put it to the vote. Hands up all those in favour, come on, don’t be shy. Get ‘em up, as Dick is apt to say while staring Shane and I in the groin. Let me count. That’s two yeses and one undecided. Okay, Peeps, that’ll do. Here it is then, in its gist, nowt fancy.

Gillibran Brown and the Cactus Incident.


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