Monday 7th December 2015

'Oom pah pah, oom pah pah, that’s how it goes…' only it doesn’t, go that is. I’ve had that tune in my head ever since watching this week’s Strictly Come Dancing. Yay, Kev and Kelli to win! I think they’re great and I loved their ‘Oliver’ waltz on Saturday night. Dick wants Georgia and Giovanni to win and Shane, our very own oom papa, doesn’t give a shit. Urgh, that man of ours. He has no soul!

Good December, Peeps! The Yule season is upon us once more. I’m hoping this month turns out a bit better than the last two. I haven’t been with it at all. Aside from anything else I’ve had some website trubs, as some of you noticed. It wasn’t just a matter of stuff not being online either. I nearly fell victim to a convincing domain scam, but fortunately checked it out before paying up. I can’t say I’m happy about it. The scammers got access to info that frankly they shouldn’t have been able to access, so I’m not too impressed with site security.

Other news - Eileen and I are going Christmas tree hunting this afternoon. We’re going to tour all the garden centres within a twenty mile radius. I’ve got the blunderbuss loaded up ready to bag me the biggest, badass Christmas tree ever. I might as well pick up some new decorations while I’m about it. It’s only Christmas once a year, you might as well make the most of it.

Monday 21st December 2015

Just popping in to deliver my Christmas card. Have a great Crimbo, Peeps!


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