Monday 2nd May 2011


Been quite a historical weekend really, royal wedding at one end and the death of an arch villain at the other. While weddings can legitimately be called reasons for celebration I'm not sure the death of Bin Laden can. It would be great if his death signalled the end of a pointless conflict of ideas/ideals/whatever, now THAT would be worth celebrating, but it's unlikely. There's already talk of revenge attacks and retaliation. It gets me down. Thousands of years of human history and we're still no nearer to being tolerant.


My own weekend was mixed. Both Dick and Shane opted to work on the day of the royal wedding, despite it being a bank holiday. The royal nuptials were of no interest to them.  I swear there is not a romantic bone in their bodies. It's another bank holiday today, much to Shane's disgust, but at least he's taken the day off. We're going over to Leo's soon, he's having a barbecue. I don't really feel like going. I'm tired and I've got a bit of a headache.


Saturday 28th May 2011


Thought I'd show my face before June hits town. The bloody months are flying by.

Bit pissed off today. The men folk have gone sailing with Leo, Howard and Rob. I'm stuck at home on my own. I had a good grump and whinge about it this morning before they set off. Shane said if I didn't put a plug in it he would and not just my mouth either. 

They'll come swanning home later this evening expecting to find a good dinner on the table. Mind you I hope they don't come home early because at the moment the good dinner is noticeable by its absence, in fact one of the ingredients is adorning much of the kitchen. I'm having one of those cack handed days. I opened a tin of tomatoes to sling in the chilli I'm making and managed to drop the opened can on the floor. Chopped tomatoes exploded everywhere. The place looks like the set of a Saw movie. I'm liberally splattered in juice as well. I'll clean up in a minute.

I've been unwell, hence my quietness. I had an abscessed wisdom tooth. What a nightmare it was, not least because of the visits to my dentist - Edward Hammer Hands. I swear to God his hands get bigger every time I see him. Fuck knows how he finds rubber gloves big enough to fit. If his manhood matches his mitts for size he must have to have condoms custom made, probably by the same company that makes Blimps.  I had to have the tooth extracted in the end. It was horrible. I had to have stitches. I was a bad tempered bugger over it all. 

Well, time is moving on. I'd better sluice the juice and get the chilli on to cook.

Ciao for now!


JUNE 2011 


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