Wednesday 5th February 2014

Unlike some parts of the UK we’re getting off lightly in my portion of Blighty today with regard to the weather. It’s cold, a bit windy and showery, but with some sunny spells. Yesterday was nice too and I spent most of it outside giving the gardens a good tidy up. Spring is approaching and I’m already planning what I’ll be planting. I had a spendthrift moment and ordered lots of garden goodies online, including solar lighting, metal hens and some rather handsome and expensive wind chimes. I love wind chimes. I haven’t mentioned my shopping spree to the men folk yet. They’ll be fine about it, he said confidently. After all, it's home improvements of a kind.

I’m not stopping long. I just wanted to open a page for February and say hi and thanks to folks for recent emails. In answer to a couple of questions, yes, I am plugging away at the book. I’ve made a big effort to sit down and write this past week or so. And yes, I will post some bits and bobs from it from time to time, if only to prove that I really am working on it.

I must be off. I’m going to have some lunch and then I’m off for my first singing lesson, yes you read that right, a singing lesson. It was my Christmas gift from Dick. For ages I’ve been going on about how I’d like to have singing lessons to improve my voice and range. Dick got sick of me talking about it and decided to make it happen. He found a local singing teacher and booked me a set of lessons with her. She’s supposed to be pretty good. I’m actually really nervous about it. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to sing in front of a stranger. Part of me wants to call up and cancel the lesson, but I daren’t, or I’ll be keelhauled.

Ciao for now, Peeps. Click here for the first excerpts from my book, such as it is.

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