Saturday 1st March 2014

Good afternoon Houseboy watchers. It’s me again. Time marches on - do you see the link there, clever or what? Time marches on, and it’s March, eh, eh! Do you get it? Oh never mind.

Happy St. David’s Day! I hope you’re all sporting your daffs in honour of the occasion? I am. I’ve got a huge one, daff that is…get your minds out of the gutter. I’m not just wearing it for St. David, whoever he was, but mainly in honour of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity. March is their annual appeal month and the bright yellow daffodil is their emblem.

Spring is on the way and life is beginning to stir in the garden with things poking through the soil, and I’m not just talking about plants. Dick’s got a new design contract and as per usual it has caused a spike in his already vigorous libido. I daren’t bend over for fear of being mounted. God forbid he spots me kneeling down amongst the crocus in the garden, he’ll take it as an invitation to play outdoor horsey, randy sod he is.

I’ve been busy of late. We’ve had business guests staying plus a visit from Penny and the Muppet. (Picture my joy) Shane also had a health scare, which scared Dick and I, especially me because it happened shortly after I’d aggravated him by making a rude quip about Penny. My gob just can’t keep shut sometimes. I thought I was being funny, but Shane didn’t. I’ll divvy up details later.

I just popped in to say hi and open a page for March. I am still labouring on my book and by way of penance for lack of journaling I’m posting a new excerpt. Here it is.

Ciao for now, peeps.

Thursday 13th March 2014

Blink and you’ll miss me.

The sun is shining on my grain of Blighty and I’m making the most of it by working outside in the gardens, getting them ready for the big push into spring. Never let it be said that this houseboy lets the grass grown under his feet - I’m mowing it to within an inch of its life.

Just dashing in for a speedy visit to post a continuance of the excerpt from Party Pooper Pepsi. Why, I hear you ask? In a word - guilt - for my tardy diary keeping, and also by way of fulfilling a birthday request. I’m such an easy-peasy pushover! Click the link above to read it. Enjoy.

April 2014


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