Thursday 14th August 2014

To Do List for August -

Open a page for August...check.

Dig up remaining potatoes and try to find at least one left un-nibbled by this year’s slug and snail armies… pending, due to torrential rain.  The sky over my portion of Blighty has a serious incontinence problem at the moment.  

Try to find a good home for some of the billion tomatoes I’ve grown this summer…pending, due to friends and neighbours already being sated with them.

Upset and alienate at least one person due to misunderstanding of motive and possible overreaction on my part…check, on two counts.

Pack cases ready for Norwegian ‘holiday’ if you can call a week spent with Shane’s business associate Jakob a holiday…pending, due to extreme reluctance on my part. I won’t dare open my gob for fear of offending fjord face and causing a trade rift between Norway and Britain.

Finish off the edits for my book…pending.

Catch up with email acknowledgements…check (at last!)

Move my arse from the vicinity of the computer to begin preparing tonight’s dinner, something WITHOUT tomatoes…check, so ciao for now.

Addition to list:

Post entire first chapter from 'Christmas at Leo's' as a teaser for book...check. Click

Say tatty-bye to diary for now. Hope to see you in September, if I make it back...check.



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