Friday 1st April 2011


Dick's been kind of quiet lately, sort of dreamy and lost in thought. He hasn't even been much interested in sex, either with Shane or me. Anyway, he came home from work last night and barely spoke a word at dinner. Shane asked him what was going on, as something was obviously on his mind. Dick took a deep breath and said he had something to tell us. The 'something' was quite a shock. He asked Shane for a divorce because he's fallen in love with someone else and wants to be free to pursue the relationship. Even more of a shock is that the relationship is with a woman. Reny took on a new office assistant a few months back, a woman in her early twenties and Dick is smitten with her. It seems our man has discovered he has a straight side to his nature and wants to fully explore it. So, three are soon to be just two. Dick is moving out this weekend. I'm numb.






By the way…Happy April Fools Day!

(Lie Detector makes muffled noises of disgust from the cupboard where I thrust it bound and gagged)

I didn't dare pull a prank on the men folk this morning, not after last year's debacle.





Friday 8th April 2011


Okay I have to admit I've been LMAO at the email reactions to the April Fools joke.

Apologies to all who felt like strangling me for causing them near cardiac arrest. :) I have to keep your interest somehow. ;-)

I've just popped in to make a quick entry (I wish I had a pound for every time Dick has said that to me.) The men folk and I are going away. We're off to the Highlands for a wee break, fishing, walking, that kind of thing, so I'm busy getting everything ready. Dick's got his rod all polished and ready for action and he's also got his fishing rod out ready to be packed.



Monday 25th April 2011


A belated Happy Easter and Passover and stuff like that.

Just paying a quick visit today. We've got guests staying with us, including Penny and the Muppet.  I've been running around like a blue arsed fly for the past few days and I'm knackered. I'm having a break. I've got the study door locked and I've hired a sniper to take out anyone who so much as thinks about knocking on it in order to make a demand of me. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and a white choccy Easter egg, which I bought myself because certain hardhearted folk couldn't be arsed to buy one for me. (Lie detector says, NO) Oh all right, not quite true. Dick did buy me one on Friday, but he left it in his car all afternoon and with it being a very warm day the bloody thing all but turned to a hot chocolate drink. It hardened up again, but the foil was melded into the chocolate and it was virtually inedible. This houseboy was not pleased and nagged Daddy Dick for leaving a defenceless Easter egg locked up in a hot car without so much as a dish of water to keep it cool. I had a good mind to report him to the NSPCC (the national society for the prevention of cruelty to chocolate) He said I was just being a fussy little sod and a bit of foil never hurt anyone. It does if it makes contact with a filling. It's like having a fucking taser plunged into your gob.

Good news is, at least I think it's good, is that I finished my Achilles chapter (leaps in the air clicking heels together) It's available as a print at the moment, but will also be available as a digi-book at some point.

Our Highland break wasn't all it could have been. The location was lovely, but there was a bit of nastiness with some local people that spoiled things and we came home early. Scottish folk are generally nice and welcoming, but you get bastards everywhere. More later perhaps. I'd better think about moving to make lunch. God forbid any guests starve to death on my watch. I could say something nasty about Penny at this point, but I'm going to rise above it (I'll make up for it another time)



MAY 2011


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