Tuesday 1st November 2016

Good day, Houseboy Stalkers, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I thought I’d better sign in and say something after going quiet yet again. Why have I been quiet yet again? Well, in an effort to get back into the swing of booky-wook type writing I started scribbling a small memoir chapter concerning more recent times. I’ve titled it ‘the Winkle On The Bus And Other Stuff.’ I thought writing it might be good practice and help me get back on the ‘Revelations’ bandwagon. On the other hand it might just be another form of chronic procrastination. Anyway, call it what you will, it’s on its way to being completed, which is something of a small miracle given my recent form. Keep checking back. I will return.

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Hello, hello, hello. What’s going on here then? Nowt as per usual. Oh well, I’m here now. It’s been a funny old month. The American election has been and gone and wow, yeah, Trump as President. Scary eh? I don’t wish to be rude and I mean no offence to any of my much respected American readers, but bloody hell, chaps and chapesses, how did that happen? What were you thinking? He comes across as a thoroughly nasty, dangerous piece of work. His election is like our Brexit - it seems to have been spawned from spite. The campaign, like our campaign, was full of nasty, divisive rhetoric that brought out the mean, ugly side of humanity.

Actually, I’ve had a few notes from folks who are genuinely perturbed and scared by what’s happening in politics right now, both in Europe and America. I’m the same. In fact for a while there I was dwelling and worrying so much I got depressed. I cried when Brexit happened and I cried when Trump was elected as President of the USA. It feels so wrong and so threatening. And when I saw UKIP’s loathsome, slimy Nigel Farage apparently align himself with the detestable Trump, I blew a fuse and chucked a shoe at the telly. Talk about an axis of evil.  Fortunately the shoe missed and double fortunately I was home alone at the time.  As Shane says, there’s not a lot we ordinary folk can do except watch and wait. If things take the turn so many of us fear then we have to shout, loudly, to be heard. Look out for each other, Peeps.

On a lighter and altogether more meaningless note, my latest memoir chapter is done as of this morning. Hurray! I was so happy and relieved I nearly passed the biscuit tin round. It felt good to complete something. It’s just the usual houseboy musings and witterings, none of which will change the world, but maybe what we need right now is some light relief in a rapidly darkening world.  I need to do some edit style stuff and then I’ll publish. Ciao for now, Peeps, and many thanks to all who have written of late.

****Footnote - or maybe foot in mouth note.

Oops, looks like I did it again: apparently I have offended several people by offering my political opinion above. I should just keep my big gob shut. Sorry, folks, as I said, no offence meant at all, though no one on this earth will ever convince me that Trump is actually a jolly nice chap who just wants to save America and the world. We'll leave it there and let history judge in due course. Peace, people. x

Wednesday 23rd November 2016


Steps cautiously onto Diary page waving a white flag. I’ve had a flurry of emails, some for, some against, but I appreciate them all and recognise that we all have our own political and personal POV. I am not offended.

I want to wish everyone to whom it is applicable a very Happy Thanksgiving when it arrives. Have fun and enjoy time with those you love. With the point of view thing in mind, it might be best to keep politics off the feast-laden table. Families have been divided both here and in the USA because of recent happenings on the political stage. You don’t want to upset your granny by calling her a Trump Groupie who will bring doom upon us all. Remember, this is the lady who bought you candy and comics when you were little. She loves you.  Stick to safe topics of discussion such as porn, prostitution, female priests and gay marriage. That way the turkey and cranberry sauce will stay on plates and not end up as missiles. ;-)

Bye for now, Peeps. Stay well. I’m off to make the most of a rain free day by bussing into town to check out the Christmas goodies. Who knows, it might be the last Christmas we get to enjoy before Donny and his brown nose buddy Farage decide to hit the red button. (I’m joking, I’m joking - oh, God, I hope I’m joking!)

December 2016

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