Sunday 25th May 2014

I’m popping in for a visit to pay lip service to May before it vanishes forever into the annals of history. It hasn’t been the best of months for this boy. I had several bad episodes at the start of the month. They left me feeling wrung out, strung out and bad tempered.

The spring and summer months are busy for me with the gardens to keep abreast of, as well as my usual duties about the house. The men folk want me to hire someone to help with the gardening, even if it’s just with keeping the lawns neat, but I don’t want to. I like doing it all myself, because as Dick often says, I’m a possessive little bastard.

The new book is coming along at a snail’s pace. I’m still in the throes of scribing about Christmas at Leo’s. I’m thinking of releasing it as a special stand-alone edition for those grown impatient with waiting for ‘Revelations’ to be completed in its entirety. I really don’t know when I’ll complete the latter.

It’s Bank Holiday weekend here in Blighty. The men folk were set to go sailing with the ancient mariner (Leo) but he’s got a bad cold, plus the weather is crap, so it’s cancelled. It hasn’t stopped raining for days.

I’m going to grump off to the kitchen and bang out some lunch now. I’m not much hungry, but the two bears go into decline if they don’t get fed at regular intervals.

Ciao, peeps.

Gillibran Brown, little ray of sunshine, signing over and out.

June 2014


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