Wednesday 24th May 2017

ISIS scum are sitting high on their misogyny thrones after the attack at Manchester. The concert appears to have been targeted because its theme was the empowerment of women. Apparently butchering little girls makes you a ‘real’ man in their ugly, warped view. What cowardly slime they are. They’re time travelling demons from a mediaeval past and they simply do not belong in the modern world. I despise them.

Life in Blighty is depressing at the moment, not only because of the horrors of Manchester and the threat of more to come, but because of the Brexit madness and now a General Election looming. People are nastier than I’ve ever known them to be. We seem more willing to be at each other’s throats. I don’t suppose I’m any different either, which shames me. I’m coiled and ready to spring at anyone I perceive to be a ‘threat’ against me. There’s just a horrible atmosphere in the world today.

Sorry, houseboy followers. I’m a miserable sour faced bastard at the moment and I have no joy to bring you via the written word. Take care and thanks to all who have emailed me of late. Your mails are read and appreciated. Hopefully, in time, I’ll emerge from my cocoon of doom like a rainbow butterfly of joy and laughter. Watch this space.



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