Wednesday 6th July 2011


Thought I'd make a brief appearance to say I'm off to Sonisphere.YAY!

I've got me tent all packed and I'll be travelling tomorrow, though the festival doesn't start until Friday. Shane isn't happy about my going for a number of reasons. He refused permission at first and stern words were had, but Dick, bless him, helped talk him round.


I've had to work hard lately and I've been making sure to keep my nose sqeaky clean in case Shane withdrew consent.

I can't wait. There's an amazing line up of bands. I'm just hoping the weather holds, or at least it doesn't piss down for the entire festival.


Ciao for now!


Sunday 24th July 2011


Just a visit to say I made it back from Sonisphere and issue a quick report.  It was great. There was so much to see and hear that it was overwhelming in its way. The bands were fabulous and the atmosphere was brilliant. To my disappointment I missed Biffy Clyro because I was pretty much out of it on the Saturday night they performed. Lee rubbed it in a bit by telling me how good they were, the bastard!  I've never been a huge fan of Slipknot, but have to say they won me over with their performance. They were electric. Lee and I managed to get near the front of the stage for their set, which was cool.

The weather was a mix of torrential rain and hot sunshine.  I came home stinking, unshaven and covered in mud with the festival equivalent of trench foot. I had blisters the size of golf balls on my feet. I also had sunburn and a stomach upset, probably due to the diet of junk food I ate and the toilets, which inevitably got a bit gruesome as the festival wore on. On our campsite there were about nine cubicles serving thousands of people so by Sunday night, despite best efforts by those in charge of sanitation, the scent of Eau De Shit was permeating the air.

I didn't bother bringing my tent home as a couple of guys camping next to us insisted on using it as a urinal to piss against in the early hours when they were too tired and too drunk to stagger off to the loos. Lee and I didn't object for one simple reason - cowardice! They were fucking huge barn built metal heads! They could headbang like maniacs while holding a can of Carlsberg Special Brew in each hand and not spill a drop.

Some of Shane's fears were realised. There was a lot of strobe lighting and pyrotechnics and despite meds I had two relatively simple episodes while I was there (both happened on the Saturday, hence me missing Biffy, cos I had to sleep) and a big one shortly after arriving home, probably due to everything catching up with me.

Initially I tried to deny the episodes I had while at the festival, but Shane knew as soon as he set eyes on me. He said I looked wrecked, and then of course the big one hit and I just about slept solid for three days afterwards. Sir was vindicated in his objections to me going, but he didn't crow. He was, along with Dick, a caring Daddy to his boy.

Once I was on my feet and feeling better he and I had a 'discussion' regarding two missed check-ins while I was away. I asked for absolution regarding one as it came about because of an episode and I couldn't check in seeing as I was all but unconscious. He said that made it worse not better. There's no negotiating with some folk. Punishment was restriction of activity. He's still being strict with regard to what I can and can't do.

I also arrived home sporting a black eye courtesy of a girl who took exception to my refusal to turn straight just for her! I almost expect to be punched by men objecting to me being gay, I can't say I like it, but it isn't too far out of the ordinary, but really, being attacked by a woman objecting to me not being straight!  Fuck's sake! Lee and two of her mates had to drag her off me. She pulled a good handful of my hair out as well as punching me in the face. If I were less of a gentleman I would have decked her, but I simply cannot hit a woman even if she is hitting me. She was drunk of course and I do mean drunk.

Still, blissy feet, pissy tents, hissy women, missy Bliffy and my fizzy brain aside I enjoyed the experience.  I might write up a full account one of these days. I've let my writing slip lately, hopefully I will get back in the zone soon.

On a serious note, like most folk in the world I'm utterly sickened and disturbed by the tragedy in Norway. I can't bear to read any more about it. It's too cruel and horrifying. And then there's poor Amy Winehouse dead, poor lost girl, all that talent and money, but no peace of mind or sense of self-worth.


Saturday 30th July 2011


Another weekend already. 

Shane got up before me this morning and I could make something smutty out of that remark, but frankly I can't be arsed. By the time I got downstairs he'd made a pot of tea. I was slightly put out that he hadn't done what he'd normally do if he fancied an early morning cuppa, i.e. boot me out of bed to make it. After all tea making is part of my duties and knowing Shane he'll probably knock a few quid off my wages seeing as he'd done part of my job for me. He offered me a cup of the brew he'd made, which I accepted with reluctance because to be honest for a big strong man he makes surprisingly weak tea. Dick is the opposite, if he makes tea he makes it strong enough to use as a substitute for fake tan. I'm the master tea maker in our house. I get it perfecto.  

I asked why he was up so early and he said he had things on his mind. I asked what things and by way of reply he pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head saying it was nothing for me to worry about, which set me worrying. He never confides in me. I must have had a pouty look on my face because he told me to straighten it and landed a hefty smack to my arse along with a demand for breakfast. 

He's gone off to the gym now for one of his swim and work out sessions. Dick is playing golf and I'm home alone. I'm going to try and settle down to do some writing. I still have my 2008 diary to collate properly, but first, some lunch. I've got my hungry head on today. I have a sudden lust for a hot Camembert and bacon buttie. Yum!


 August 2011


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