Thursday 17th February 2011

I haven’t been able to update the site lately on account of not being able to log in. Something went wrong when I was in process of renewing my domain. I hit the submit payment button and the page hung. No matter what I did I could not access my site from that moment on. It was still online, but I couldn’t open my account to update it.  I turned the computer off, turned it back on, etc. I contacted the support people who helpfully told me I was not alone. They’d had reports of such strange malfunction from other users. Anyway, it’s sorted now, obviously, as here I am typing away. 

The high winds we had a few weeks ago caused havoc around the quasi mansion and I’ve been busy putting right the damage done. We lost nine panes of greenhouse glass, several roof tiles and a good proportion of fencing. The gardens were a ruin. They’re looking much better now. Snowdrops are up and there are other encouraging signs of the approach of spring, such as the birds getting fruity with each other out in the garden. I’m hoping Dick doesn’t spot them or it’ll inflame his passions and he’ll be dragging me out there to emulate them among the shrubbery. Spring might be gearing up but as yet winter still holds sway. I don’t fancy having a chilly pecker thrust up my Khyber Pass. 

So, Gilli, I hear you ask, either that or schizophrenia is setting in, what was your Valentine’s Day like this year? Well, it was like this -  Silly Gilli's Valentine's Day

March 2011


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