Sunday 8th February 2015

Good morrow, Peoples and other random visitors to Houseboy Towers!

I trust you are all fit and firing on all cylinders. February already. The year is gathering pace. It’ll be spring before you know it, or should that be Spring? One never quite knows where to place a capital letter when it comes to certain words, though I do think my grammar and all that shit has improved, slightly, since I first set out journaling my life and times. I’ll never be an anally retentive grammar junkie and punctuation fascist. Life is just too short to worry about misplaced apostrophes and inappropriate colons. Fortunately, crimes against grammar aren’t yet punishable by law, though some would like them to be. To such people I say - GET A LIFE! ;-)  

Busy, busy at the moment, thanks to a screw, no, not that type of screw - get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking metal screws, in this case the type that connects one part of a tap to another. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the one on the cold tap in the bathroom had worked loose. Had I tightened it at the time, catastrophe might have been averted. I didn’t. I couldn’t be arsed to go and get a screwdriver. Oh, lazy houseboy! I left it and forgot about it, until last Monday when I swabbed a rag around the tap in question and the top flew off and landed in the bath with an almighty clunk. Fuck! It chipped the enamel and cosmetically compromised what had been a handsome bath. It looked like a Mormon with missing teeth.

Of course I dashed out to the nearest hardware store and bought an enamel repair kit. Don’t ever buy one. They’re total CRAP! It did nothing to disguise the ugly chip and only served to make the bath look even more blemished. I decided to call in a DIY medic, a professional bath surgeon. He prescribed the bath equivalent of surgical intervention, bath re-surfacing and re-enamelling. Consequently, I’m now in the middle of a major bathroom renovation project. No point in giving the bath a facelift and leaving the rest untouched. I have to say that head Sir is not best pleased with me. This houseboy was severely scolded and lectured on subjects such as expense and upheaval. He’ll come round, once it’s all done. In the meantime, I’ll keep my head down and be a sweet and attentive boy to my grumpy Daddy.

Writing wise, I’m not doing much at the moment, though I have got the next book set up, the title page is in place, and I’ve also gotten as far as writing an intro, but that’s about it. I’ll get there in the end, fingers crossed.

I must be off. I have a large piece of cow requiring my attention in the kitchen. As per usual, I’d like to acknowledge recent and not so recent emails. Muchas gracias! 



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