Excerpt - The Houseboy and the Butterfly 

I made known my disgruntlement to Dick as soon as he got home and received the antonym of sympathy. Perhaps I should have let him close the front door and get his jacket off before I started assaulting his ears with complaints. He said that I seemed intent on picking a fight with Shane and it wasn’t fair, especially on his birthday.

 “Come on,” he firmly grasped my hand. “You can shower with me. I’ll put you in a better frame of mind.” 

  “I’m not in the mood.”

  “I like a challenge.”

  “Dick! Let go.” I tried to pull my hand free, but he kept a firm grip, manhandling me all the way upstairs and into the bedroom. I was genuinely annoyed by his persistence, but also turned on, which annoyed me even more. I didn’t want to be turned on. I wanted to be angry. I put my sub side on hold and went all out to oppose him as he attempted to undress me. After a struggle he got my t-shirt off and reached for the zipper on my jeans, slapping at my hands when I tried to block him. The heat was on. He wasn’t going to give up and I wasn’t going to give in.

He finally got me naked and into the bathroom where he shoved me inside the shower stall and leaned against the door so I couldn’t get out. I banged furiously on the glass swearing and calling him rude names. He quickly undressed while telling me what he was going to do to my bad boy arse once he joined me in the shower. Foreplay was rough, virtually a fight. I shoved and kicked at him and he grabbed my hair yanking my head back, grinding kisses onto my lips, his end of day stubble raking against mine as his tongue raped my mouth. I scratched my nails down his back and sank my teeth into his upper arm giving him a painful love bite that would leave him marked for days. In return he marked my backside, vigorously spanking it, freshening the sting from the day before, only this time the pulsing heat transferred to my member, making it stand hard and proud.

He overpowered me in the end. Pushing me front first against the tiled cubicle wall he barked at me to push out my arse and spread my legs. He didn’t use soap to help ease his entry, relying only on the slow running warm water to act as a lubricant. Positioning the head of his cock against my anus he ordered me to sword swallow. Bracing my hands against the tiles I pushed back onto his dick, taking it inside me right to the hilt. He made me do most of the work, standing there while I literally worked my butt off to pleasure him. Only when his climax was near did he take over. Making a fist around my erection he began wanking me while slamming his pelvis hard against my backside, burying his cock even deeper inside me.  My balls tightened and drew up. We came at the same time, he unloading into my bowels as I sprayed spunk graffiti on the shower wall.

The sex endorphins quickly fell away and I felt suddenly tearful, turning into his arms the moment he pulled his cock from my back passage. My knees felt like jelly. He held me tight against his lean body replacing brutal porn talk with soft endearments and gentle kisses as the water caressed and soothed us.

copyright Gillibran Brown 2010

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