Friday 16th August 2013

Hello, hello, I thought I’d hobble in and open a page for August. After a night of torrential rain it’s another fine summer day here in Blighty. Cameron, Clegg and their self-serving government cronies haven’t yet found a way to prevent the poor, sick and disabled from enjoying the sunshine for free. The bastards are working on it though. (The houseboy gets political)

The fine weather means the pollen count is up so Shane’s hay fever has been chronic this year. Dick is nursing a mild summer cold. As a result both have inflamed nasal passages. Last night was bloody murder. It was like trying to sleep next to a couple of road drills. I got up at four and huffed off into the single room to sleep, but could still hear them rumbling away. I swear the walls were vibrating. Short of storming the master bedroom with a pillow and smothering them both, there was little I could do. I abandoned all thoughts of slumber and got up.

By half past five dawn was breaking and the rain had stopped so I decided to make use of my early start by sorting out the recycling stuff. It gets collected today. I had loads of garden waste to get rid of, so I hauled the bags out to the designated collection point and the same with the household waste.

Disaster struck when I lifted the box containing glass and tins. A searing pain in the vicinity of my ribs indicated my lifting technique had been faulty. I tweaked a muscle. Bugger, but it hurt. I felt justified in having a small fucking session, and all by myself with not a Dick or dick in sight. It’s been scientifically proven that swearing profusely at the moment of injury releases painkilling endorphins.  

Seeing as it was a work related injury I went to the head honcho and demanded monetary compensation. Shane refused, saying he couldn’t be held accountable for my sloppy work practices. In a show of goodwill for a favoured employee he gave me a kiss, patted my bum and promised me a massage when he gets home tonight. Perks of the job, eh!  

It’s been a busy summer thus far with the gardens to maintain as well as the house. We three have also been taking advantage of the long fine spell by getting out and about on evenings and weekends. It’s been great. As a result I’ve had less time to spend messing about on the computer. However, my strained ribs might prove a good excuse for me to sit down and attempt some writing instead of doing housework.

On the book front I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew by trying to amalgamate two years of witterings in one. I’m making slow progress. Mind you, part of the problem is that some of the stuff is emotional and it kind of gets on top of me a bit. I have to take a break or I’d drown in my own snot and tears. I have a few chapters under my belt and by way of a preview I’ve put the titles on my book page.

Ciao for now, houseboy fan! I’m limping off to make a sarnie for my lunch. 



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