Wednesday 22nd August 2012

I decided I couldn’t allow August to slip away without at least one entry, which for some reason reminds me of Dick, probably because he seldom lets a day go by without an entry or two. Anyway. I apologise for my lack of activity on the entertainment front. Life has been busy of late. We’ve had a flux of visitors staying and it falls to me to cater to them. In what little spare time I have I’ve been working away at my book.
It’s a time consuming business this writing lark. I think my technique has improved a bit, at least I hope so. I’m now on the final chapter. Looking back I realise I left more in shadow than light that year, mainly because I was having a tough time coming to terms with some stuff, but also because I guess I was too lazy to write it up in detail, some of it is quite complex, from my point of view, but then I can make a three act drama out of a laundry list.  To compensate for neglecting you dear diary I’m posting another little titbit from the book. Find it on the extract page HERE

Ciao for now! 

Wednesday 29th August 2012

It’s finished<pulls front of t-shirt up over face and runs a victory lap around the study>my book is finished! Of course it now has to go through the editing process, so I’m still not sure when it will be ready for general perusal. Wow, it’s been a long task. 

I must go make dinner preps. I’ll get skinned alive if dinner is late yet again because I’ve been too busy fiddling, diddling and scribbling on the computer.



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